The Theme for the 2017 Phocuswright India: The Asian Advantage

Published December 2016

Across Asia, technology innovation and breakthrough business models are forging new markets and fueling sudden successes. Travel’s digital warriors have set their sights on new fields of play:

Consolidation: In the unending battle for consumer acquisition and next-phase growth, companies are turning to mergers and acquisitions. Extending products, expanding markets and purging inefficiencies is just the start for Asia’s fast-growing travel players.

Dream Demographics: Asia is home to the world’s youngest and most tech-savvy population. These increasingly affluent travelers are impatient and experiential – and are looking for instant-gratification. Are you ready to provide the perfect experience for this cohort?

Equity: With over US$8 billion secured in 2016, Asia Pacific digital travel startup funding surpassed all other regions. Flush with cash, these startups are supercharging their product innovation and customer acquisition. Can you keep up?

Funnel: Path-to-purchase, search, shop or buy – whatever the name – the Funnel has long served as the battleground for online travel’s greatest contests. But Asia’s demanding travelers do not care or compartmentalize the Funnel; they expect all phases of travel in one simple and seamless service or app.